Reclaim Your Fertility

Reclaim Your Fertility

Enhancing your fertility health on a physical, energetic, mental and emotional level.

About the Programme

Sometimes all you need to guide you through any health or wellness issue – especially when it comes to fertility – is an accurate roadmap. This is why I have put together a concise and holistic approach to uncovering what might be stopping you from conceiving.

Perhaps you have suffered a miscarriage, have had one or more rounds of IVF, have been told there are issues with sperm quality, or have yet to start trying but want to make sure you are fully prepared for getting pregnant (whether naturally or via the medical route).  The Reclaim Your Fertility Programme gives you a clear blueprint for optimising your chances of success and kick-starting your fertility.

How did you get here and how do you get on the road to fertility?


Our current lifestyles – food choices, long working hours, stressful jobs, chemical exposure – can all combine to convince our bodies that getting pregnant is NOT good for our health. Infertility is a message from your body that something is out of balance and needs to be brought back in to harmony.

By enhancing your health on a physical, energetic, mental and emotional level you are much more likely to conceive.  Bringing your body back into balance and increasing your fertility health requires making the necessary health and lifestyle changes.

This is precisely why I developed a programme that includes all of these elements – so that you too have the best possible chance of falling pregnant.

On this course you will discover:

This course is for you if:

What's Included

Eight modules which have been uniquely designed to help you and your partner get closer to achieving your dream of starting your family.  The building blocks contained in these modules put you back in the driver’s seat as a couple so that you can take control of your fertility.

Following this course can help to restore your fertility health and vitality, ease your frustration and clear the barriers which have been preventing you from getting pregnant.

About Denise Christie

As a Women’s Health and Fertility Coach and Acupuncturist I provide Natural Fertility solutions for couples who have struggled repeatedly to start a family.  I show them a faster, healthier, more holistic and loving path to the children they long for.​

​The practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine holds the belief that the health and well-being of both parents at the time of and/or three months prior to conception are key to the health of the child conceived.   It is also a common perception that parenthood begins the moment the baby exits the mother’s womb. 

​My own belief is that parenthood begins the moment a couple make a conscious decision to have a baby together.  It is at this point that you both become responsible for creating a happy, healthy pregnancy and a happy, healthy baby.

When you decide as a couple that it’s the right time to start a family you assume that’s going to happen straight away. But even though our bodies are hard-wired for pregnancy, they are also intelligent organisms that have the ability to go into survival mode and switch off the fertility process if it feels that making a baby right now is simply not a safe option.  Sometimes, all you need to switch on your natural fertility is an accurate roadmap to guide you. 

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This course will address the physical and emotional barriers to fertility and radically turn around the blocks that have been preventing pregnancy and substantially improve your fertility health.  Every phase of this course is designed to empower you to take back control of your own fertility.  

This course is for you if you want to ensure a healthy and speedy conception whilst ensuring the optimum health of your baby.  It is for you if you have been struggling to conceive or need extra support through assisted fertility.  It is also for you if who want to build and maintain a loving and supportive relationship through a struggle to get pregnant.