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About My Coaching

My name is Denise Christie and I am a Women’s Health coach and Natural Fertility Expert and I have two passions in my business! 

My first is to help couples who have struggled repeatedly to start a family.  I show them a faster, healthier, more holistic and loving path to the children they yearn for.  This could be the perfect choice for you if you have tried everything and nothing is working!  I can’t promise you a pregnancy or a magic pill, but I can promise you a proven approach to help you optimise your chances. 
My second passion is working with women over 50 to show them how to look and feel fabulous so that they can feel vibrant, healthy and alive without dangerous surgeries, crazy diets or tons of supplements.

The options available are designed to put you back in the driver’s seat of your health – using a natural and loving approach to bring the body and emotions back in to balance. 

Health coaching helps you to achieve a more positive mindset to support you along the path towards your ultimate goal – whether that is to be fabulously fertile or phenomenally healthy!

By working with me you will learn to:

  • Choose foods to eat that will naturally nourish your body
  • Discover the importance of ridding your body of the negative effects of stress
  • Improve your hormonal health through nutrition and lifestyle
  • Make informed decisions about reducing your chemical overload
  • Nurture and care for your body in a constructive and practical way to bring it back in to balance
  • Understand the importance of “mind over matter”
  • Allow yourself the time to adopt a daily relaxation habit
  • Create positive and mutually nurturing relationships

About My One to One and Online Training

The Fertility Roadmap

Eight Week One to One Fertility Coaching Programme

Reclaim Your Fertility

Online Natural Fertility Programme

Feed Your Sparkle

Eight Week Wellness Programme for the Over 50's


Eight Week Online Miscarriage Recovery Programme


" ... you kept me sane on the bad days Denise and I know for a fact that last September I wouldn't have been as calm as I was going forward if it wasn't not only for the appointments but for your kindness and support on a personal level xx"
"... some good news. After sticking with your plan for a number of months I eventually got some good news and am now 12 weeks pregnant. So delighted. Thanks for all your help and guidance. I would not have got to this point without doing your program. I can't wait for my little bundle of joy to get here safely. Thank you!"
"Don't know if you remember me but I saw you for treatment this time last year. I had had two miscarriages and was about to start fertility treatment for low AMH. You helped me immensely, both physically and emotionally. Your methods and advice were so supportive not to mention your excellent listening skills. So I thought of you this morning as I am booked in for induction at the hospital tomorrow morning to deliver my baby boy! I am absolutely thrilled and excited. I couldn't have got this far without your professionalism, knowledge and skill. Heartfelt thank you for helping me on this journey."

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