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30 Day Couples Fertility Roadmap

During a fertility struggle, every couple presents with a unique set of circumstances. Sometimes all you need is a clear path so that you can filter all the available information and guide you through the baby-making process.



Sometimes all you need to guide you through any health or wellness issue – especially when it comes to fertility – is an accurate roadmap. This is why I have put together a personalised and holistic approach to uncovering as a couple what is stopping you from conceiving.

Perhaps you have suffered a miscarriage, have had one or more rounds of IVF, have been told there are issues with sperm quality, or have yet to start trying but want to make sure you are fully prepared for getting pregnant (whether naturally or via the medical route).  The Fertility Roadmap gives you a clear blueprint for optimising your chances of success and kick-starting your fertility.

Included in the Couples Roadmap:

  • A comprehensive health and lifestyle consultation – taking a full medical history and analysis of stress levels, diet, exercise, family and relationships.

  • Analysis of cycle and menstrual bleed

  • Diagnosis according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • A personalised information pack each, recommendations for health and lifestyle adjustments and relevant resources

  • Recommendations for further testing and/or ongoing treatment plan

  • 30 Days support

  • Joint Final Consultation

The aim of the Roadmap is to provide you both with comprehensive and accurate information for getting started on your fertility journey.  It can also highlight where more support and intervention may be necessary. Where we do uncover that further support is needed, a recommendation will be made as to the best route to take going forward.


" ... you kept me sane on the bad days Denise and I know for a fact that last September I wouldn't have been as calm as I was going forward if it wasn't not only for the appointments but for your kindness and support on a personal level xx"
"... some good news. After sticking with your plan for a number of months I eventually got some good news and am now 12 weeks pregnant. So delighted. Thanks for all your help and guidance. I would not have got to this point without doing your program. I can't wait for my little bundle of joy to get here safely. Thank you!"
"Don't know if you remember me but I saw you for treatment this time last year. I had had two miscarriages and was about to start fertility treatment for low AMH. You helped me immensely, both physically and emotionally. Your methods and advice were so supportive not to mention your excellent listening skills. So I thought of you this morning as I am booked in for induction at the hospital tomorrow morning to deliver my baby boy! I am absolutely thrilled and excited. I couldn't have got this far without your professionalism, knowledge and skill. Heartfelt thank you for helping me on this journey."
"Hi Denise, our big boy arrived today at 1.22p.m weight 9 pounds 12!! All is great! Thank you so much for everything."
"Hi Denise - Just an email to let you know that we had a beautiful baby boy. He couldn't wait to arrive and was three weeks early but everybody is well and healthy! Thank you so much for your help and guidance throughout this journey. We are overwhelmed with happiness! Thanks again xx"

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