The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Online Course

About the Guide

So, you have decided to take the plunge and create an online course. Congratulations! We help business owners by building the framework to sell your online course. Within 14 days we can build a branded learning hub for YOU to sell your course online. We work with lots of business owners and we have loved helping them bring their vision to life and they are now successfully selling their courses online. We are delighted now to help YOU along this journey. When you have an online course, it is so exciting to see the sales coming in for the courses that you have created and the dream of making money while you sleep becomes a reality!

In this guide we are going to help you through making the most
important decision to create a clear and compelling course that you can

We will bring you through the 6 steps to create an AMAZING product that will start generating sales for you straight away.

  1. Picking the right COURSE
  2. Choosing a NAME that sells
  3. How to STRUCTURE your course
  4. How to create compelling CONTENT
  5. How to find your PRICE sweet point
  6. MARKETING your course and get customers.

We are excited to help you on your journey to financial freedom!