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What you really want for your course is content that is so engaging that it draws attention and interest to your course and content that is so compelling that it will keep them interested.

Tip 1: Eye catching headlines

The first tip would be to grab your student’s attention with eye catching headlines. According to shiftelearning, powerful headlines contain three elements.

Curiosity: create your headlines so that your students are almost compelled to want to click and learn more, this can be done by playing around with cliché phrases and twist them to suit your content.

Benefit: outline what’s in it for the learner. For example, instead of saying “The benefits of buying NFTs”, say “how you can get rich by investing in NFTs”. See the difference?

Solution: People are always searching for solutions to their problems. State a problem and the solution in the headline.

Example: “How to increase your protein intake” is more effective than “What you need to know about protein”.

Tip 2: Interactive elements

Humans love to learn by doing, studies have shown that this helps them retain information longer. This can be done in various ways i.e., live Q&A sessions, discussion boards, quizzes on sites like Kahoot etc. Even adding a short MCQ (multiple choice questionnaire) after each lesson can help the student reassess what they’ve learned, and it is also a great way for the teacher to evaluate the student’s learning and engagement.

Be sure to provide them with feedback about the choices they make, so they’re constantly learning something. Discussion boards are also a great way to fire up communication and interaction between students, ask questions to know how the students feel about the course and topics between themselves. This is a great way of getting feedback from participants.

Tip 3: Keep it real

For a learner to stay constantly engaged, they must be convinced that your course content is valuable to them. To show how one will be able to use the knowledge obtained from your course and apply it to real life/ issues they may face, you must put the course content into context/ real life scenarios.

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