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Traditional classroom practices don’t always translate well to online learning. Thinking outside the box can prevent online students from having a poor learning experience, helping business, and ultimately the eLearning industry entirely. Here are a few ways of how to keep hold of your students’ attention and avoid boredom.


Incorporating interactive stories where students discuss scenarios can improve the teaching of intricate skills like problem-solving and creativity. Not only is this more engaging, but retention levels will be higher too. Stories create empathy, and with empathy comes personal meaning which leads to stronger memories of the experience and learning.

Use humour

Use humour to start the course off in a more relaxed tone. When in a positive mood, humans are more open to new ideas and thoughts, they’re more likely to use their critical skills, learn better, and retain more. Humour helps with memorability as the endorphins released when we laugh help cement memories. Try adding it to “dry” content, or elements that are information-dense.

Active voice

Writing in the active voice guarantees engagement. It’s more of an informal tone like a friend, so they naturally listen, rather than a passive voice which sounds more impersonal. A lack of conviction in the voice can lead to listeners not being interested in what is being said. After all, if the narrator/instructor isn’t speaking enthusiastically, a natural assumption is that the content is not very interesting. The hint of action in the active voice compels learners to pay attention.

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