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Creating an online course from scratch isn’t easy. It takes commitment, time, and a lot of thought. That said, the internet is full of amazing tools and services to make things like online courses that bit easier, here are 3 of our favourites that we came across this year:


Synthesia is a video creation service, but not like any you’ve seen before. All it requires from you is a script, and from there it generates a video feed of a person speaking your script! You’re free to tweak the speech, add accents, make the human male or female, and change background elements. It sounds crazy but it’s surprisingly well-refined and is absolutely an option for anyone who’s a bit camera-shy or lacks video-making skills. Make your own custom video here for free.


Kapwing is another video editing online service but its main superpower in our eyes is its ability to transcribe and add subtitles to your videos. Simply upload your video, give it a short bit of time to detect the audio and transcribe it, then you can make any corrections (things like names and maybe some punctuation – although it’s surprisingly good at the latter). Once transcribed, you can have the subtitles overlaid on your video, improving the viewing experience. You have options to control the timings of new lines of text appearing but again, it’s already very accurate. Its free plan gives a generous dose of the full app too. Take a look here!


Lastly, we have Feedly. The greatest use of Feedly is in the planning/preparation stage of your online course’s creation. It is a resource gathering/collating service. You can bookmark articles, blogs, or other ideas you see online and put them all together neatly in the one place. If you’re involved in multiple projects you can create folders within your Feedly account too to keep topic-specific things separate! Its use goes beyond strictly online course creation, if you write blogs or create social content for your own business it can serve as a place of inspiration. You can see it here.

At BrandedCourses, we help you earn more for less time commitment. Our online learning portal development gives your business a fully branded platform to teach and help your clients in their own journey, with no tech know-how needed on your end. Contact us today to get started!