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Growing awareness for your online course is a daunting yet exciting prospect. Marketing can sometimes feel like a black box sucking in funds with no tangible benefits on the other side. We’ve got 3 growth strategies below that you can take on that either cost nothing to you, or have real trackable stats to analyse!

Back to the real World – Time to get Networking again!

When you’re caught up in the day-to-day it’s easy to forget about the bigger picture of continual growth. Networking with authorities in your industry or attending business conferences are great ways to build new connections that can reward you in unexpected ways down the line! Plus if you get the opportunity to speak at events it can raise your profile a lot and be a free opportunity to talk about your online course or other offerings.

Social Advertising – Spread the Word and Profile of the Business

We’re big advocates of spending smart with your marketing budget, and some boosted social posts with the right targeting is one of the best ways to get as many eyes on your business as cheaply as possible. Social ads on Facebook/Instagram are especially good for mass outreach and visibility of your course, their targeting options make it possible to reach a high proportion of your target audience without much collateral damage.

Raise your Profile locally – Share your Story via local Press or Radio

While an online course is inherently accessible on a global scale, business generated within your locality often accounts for the lion’s share of small businesses, online or not! Investing in spreading your message locally through radio, getting an article in your county’s primary newspaper or even sponsoring local groups or events are all fantastic ways to give back to your community while simultaneously driving more business to your website and online course.

At BrandedCourses, we help you earn more for less time commitment. Our online learning portal development gives your business a fully branded platform to teach and help your clients in their own journey, with no tech know-how needed on your end. Contact us today to get started!