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The biggest shopping event of the year, Black Friday 2021 takes place on November 26th, and is followed by Cyber ​​Monday, which occurs on November 29th this year. Here are a few strategies to double the sales of your courses:

Offer Decent Discounts

You need to make it attractive to the customer. Remember, your main objective is to gain more customers and win profit by selling many courses.  Consumers expect BIG discounts on Black Friday so if you are going to engage in promoting on the day, make it count!

Create course bundles

Bundle deals will appeal to customers who are interested in more than 1 course or those who love saving. For example, “3 courses for the price of 2” or “buy 1, get 1 half price”.

This method is really consumer friendly as you are offering your customers the opportunity to pay less for something above its value.

Build Your Email campaign

We suggest working on your email campaigns a few weeks before. Send emails to your newsletter subscribers with the upcoming offer for Black Friday and you can even give them a further discount as a loyal follower (showing them that you value their loyalty).

Make sure that any images, graphics, or hyperlinks are clickable so customers can directly go to the page of sale and make the purchase.

Be sure to emphasise the discount value in the email subject line to help entice engagement. For example, “55% off all SEO courses, offer ends at 12pm”.

Release Teasers

To grab anyone’s attention, you must awaken their curiosity and interest. One way of doing this is by sending out snippets of multiple offers you’ll have on the day. You can do this on social or with your newsletter. This will keep email subscribers engaged with every email you send out and keep people paying attention to your social media content.

Limited Time Offer

Creating a sense of urgency is essential for a fast and effective marketing campaign like Black Friday. Doing so while reinforcing FOMO (fear of missing out) alongside a limited time offer + last minute deals will surely encourage customers to purchase as it puts them under immense pressure.

If selling a course of a limited quantity, consider placing a reminder on your site showing how many are gone/ left e.g., a banner.

Hopefully you will get lots of new course signups – goodluck!