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Naming your course is vital in making your course stand out and essentially, making it sellable.

There are five points to keep in mind when naming your course:

1. Is My Name Easy To Remember?

Does the name have “sizzle”? Make it really easy for people to remember so that if they want to look it up later or tell someone about it they can easily remember your stand out name.

e.g. “The Art of Passive Income” or “Profit Leader Academy”

2. Is My Name Easy To Say Out Loud?

Having a memorable name will make it easier for your
students to talk about your course to other potential
buyers. Does your course name roll easily off the tongue?

3. Use Your Customer Keywords

Are there any keywords that your target audience will
immediately recognize? Use words you know people are
searching for so that your course is more easily found and

4. Include Your Target Audience In The Name

A really nice tool is to include your niche customer in the
name of your course title. Say who it is that your course is
for in the name of your online course.

e.g. Guitar Lessons for Beginners

5. Be More Ronseal And Less Conceal

Don’t make your course name too vague. Make it really clear
exactly what you are offering, who you are offering it to and
how they might benefit from your course!

And there you have it! Five points to keep in mind when choosing your online course, so what are you waiting for? Get cracking on it!