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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is getting other people to promote your course in return for a commission on the sale generated.

Who should you choose?

You are seeking to look for individuals or organisations who have an audience that is similar to your target audience.

Why would you use an Affiliate?

The aim is to use their marketing channels to promote YOUR product. By using a third party you are expanding the reach about your online course to people beyond your own network.

How can you work with them?

There is a couple of ways that you can work with an affiliate brand, person or organisation

Email Marketing

This method is most popular because it has the highest ROI out of all. You are using their email to promote your online course which is alerting people to your course (awareness) or offering motivation for people to buy through a special discount (sales).


Some people have blogs that are read by hundreds and thousands of people. You can look at different options to get featured on someone elses blog. you could ask them to review or recommend your online course on their blog. You could do an interview piece with them on their blog. You could take over their blog as a “guest blogger”. The key is to figure out (a) the right blogger with the right audience and (b) what kind of collaboration would make sense for them and their audience.

Review sites

There are many websites with the sole purpose of comparing/ rating products and services. They have huge traffic that you can direct to your course and improve a brand’s credibility. Looking to get featured on these sites with a relevant audience for your course is a great way to get new customers and expand your reach.

Coupon sites

Your customer may be a fan of a coupon site. Yes, you’re selling your courses at a discounted rate. Affiliates offer coupon or discount codes to their users and in turn earn a commission on any sale made through their site / link. It can be a great option to drive awareness and get people onto your site and convert them into additional courses or upsells.

How you might use an affiliate to promote YOUR online course?  Who could you link with?