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Testimonials and reviews are often overlooked for their business-generating ability, particularly for online courses. A huge portion of business can come through word of mouth and referrals in Ireland, having reviews and testimonials on your site and/or available to be seen elsewhere online gives potential clients the effect of a friend recommending you, without needing that interaction to take place.

So how do you get them?


Face your Fears and Ask!

Most people just feel embarrassed to ask for a testimonial. As a professional, it can feel uncomfortable to ask for something that feels so sales-y.

Be brave and pick the clients that you have a really good relationship with and that YOU KNOW would be happy to do it for you. You do not have to ask every customer. Be selective.

Something simple like “We are updating our website at the moment and the web designer has asked us to give them testimonial videos. I have been trying to think of who to ask. I thought you might be open to doing one? They are looking for a short 30 second video on your experience of our practice, if you felt comfortable doing that?”


Incorporate it into your Payment/Settling Process

You don’t have to ask! After a coaching session/course completion is the perfect time to bring it up, particularly if it was a good experience where the client got a lot of value from it. In person, there’s usually a minute or two of downtime while payment takes place, so you can ask them directly to leave a review on Google, or take the conveniently placed pen and paper to write a testimonial to include on your site!

In an online course setting you can set it as the final step of your course where you leave a form for feedback or closing thoughts from the client, automating the process!


Directly Calling Previous/Ongoing Long-Term Clients

If you’ve been coaching/teaching/guiding a client for an extended period of time, it’s a great opportunity to get a testimonial. Again, if you have a good relationship with them they’d be more than happy to help you. A good way of knowing is if you would do it for them, odds are they’d do it for you. So pick up the phone and just go for it!

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