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Here are some ideas on how to promote your online courses during the  Christmas promotional period.

Play into the season’s emotions

Christmas is a very emotional time for many. You should use these emotions while promoting your course. Tell an emotional “story” about the course rather than the usual praising.

Use emotional heart-warming phrases like “Inspire the person who inspires you”, “give a gift that helps them grow with online classes” or “give the gift of education this year”. You want your course to be an emotional desire for either the person buying the gift or the giftee.

Be sure to include stories how your course can improve one’s quality of life, first person testimonials, or give testimony about how the course’s content has helped someone you know personally.

Update your keywords

It’s as simple as adding “Christmas” or related terms into your keywords, meta descriptions, and titles alongside your primary keywords.

Doing this can increase its SEO rank, possibly resulting in more exposure, ending in purchase.

Create gift bundles

Christmas time is stressful and requires a lot of mental energy, even if its just searching for gifts. Make it easier for your customers, offload some stress and create gift bundles.

You’ll benefit from this as you’ll be selling more than one course per customer, while your customer will benefit as they’ll have one less decision to make, less stress.

Offer an advantageous price, meaning the price is cheaper as a bundle rather than buying individually. Advertise this to let your customers know that they are saving money.

 “12 Days of Christmas” promo

The “12 Days of Christmas” promotion adds variety to holiday ecommerce marketing.

During this promotion, each day typically focuses on promoting a discounted item. Highlight the fact that each item is discounted for only 24 hours, so customer know they must act quick.

Other than discounted items, you can also announce a new limited-edition upgrades/ add ons, announce a giveaway, run a buy 1, get 1 free promotion, offer double loyalty points on purchases etc.