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The following tips can help you make time, and eliminate unnecessary tasks that are taking your time away from creating your online course.

Schedule and Plan

Figure out which weeks are busy and pinpoint when you’ll get your work done ahead of time to compensate for the lack of time during those busy weeks.

Get rid of distractors

Distractions only sabotage work ethic, figure out what distracts you and eliminate it. Whether it’s closing your door to keep family away, a trip to the café, turning off your phone, DO IT!

Set goals and deadlines

Setting up goals with deadlines and adding incentives will push and motivate you, as you’re working towards something nice.  Do not treat yourself unless you have met your goal.

Deactivate your social medial accounts

Many people use their social media as a way of procrastinating, especially when the task requires a lot of mental effort. On your phone, you can deactivate your accounts, delete the apps, or use apps that periodically block access to these app

Ask for help

If you are struggling, don’t dwell, always ask for help—from your co-workers, those in the industry or you could always research a solution online.

We can help!

Our “done for you” service is there for exactly the reason of saving people the TIME and STRESS that can happen when trying to create content for an online course AND create a platform to host it. While you are working on the content, we are building sales pages to sell your course and the digital platform to host your content. We will make it interactive and engaging for your customers and you can concentrate on selling it and getting customers! Take action today. Book in a 1:1 call with us to see how we can help you here