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When launching a course there is not particular format you must follow, just follow the one that is compatible with your business model and meets your audience’s needs and expectations.

Here are some crucial tips that will ensure a successful launch:

Communicate with prospective customers

Before launching your course, you should have an audience and should be continuously communicating with them. This can be done through email marketing. ​Create lead magnets by offering something that is beneficial and free, like a mini course, an eBook, or a template, and in exchange for their email addresses.

Use email marketing to deliver valuable, helpful, beneficial, and educational content, subscribers don’t want constant promotional emails. The quality of your email content will reflect your products and speak for itself.

Keeping an eye on your email metrics should help in getting to know your subscribers better. Click- through rates and open rates give an insight into which topics and messages are most popular amongst your subscribers.

When the time comes, offer your subscribers a sample of your course with teasers. It should address;

  1. Outline to the prospective students what the course will cover
  2. Give a preview of what projects/ assessments they will complete during the course
  3. Outline the skills and knowledge your students will gain — and what they can achieve with these

This is about validating your course idea, identifying your audience’s needs, and altering your course to meet those needs.

Create a sales page

Before launching your course or any promotion, you need somewhere to drive traffic. These are some elements that you should always have on your sales page:

Emphasise the discount: offer a special discount for email subscribers to entice them to your website. Highlight the price or discount as it increases a sense of excitement.

Countdown: add the time that that it’ll be available for sale/ presale, this will up the customer’s sense of urgency and anticipation.

Testimonials: if this is your very first course, of course you won’t have any testimonials to add. Instead place your professional qualifications.

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